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More than Just One Tiny Person

Price:  $10 

           Join us for one, or all.  Please see our Calendar or Facebook Page for meeting times and locations; topics for             each workshop will be posted several days before the event. We ask that you try to register in advance;                       although this is not necessary; we welcome you either way! 

Location:  Zoom Meeting Space, and other pop-up venues. Please see our Calendar or Facebook page for details. 


  • a year-round series of educational/ interactive workshops.



  • anyone who feels they are just “one tiny drop” in an ocean of issues around climate justice and global depletion, 

  • anyone who would like to be part of the solution, but isn’t quite sure where to start, 

  • anyone who is curious  -- or who knows a lot, maybe a whole lot --about climate issues, environmental racism, environmental justice, activism, food justice, plant-based diet, biodiversity & extinction, regenerative systems, etc. -- 



  • To offer you practical, hands-on tools, ideas and information to help you carry out your day-to-day activities in more sustainable ways;

  • To provide you with an understanding of the effects of various choices, and suggest ways you can become healthier while also boosting the health of our communities and planet Earth; 

  • To help you see that by starting with seemingly small changes, we gain momentum, which builds up over time 

  • To help you think about and engage in multiple actions geared towards bringing us to a critical mass of game-changers;

  • To offer you opportunities to share what you know with others;  

  • To nurture, inspire and rejuvenate you, while connecting you with others


You hear about the threats from Climate Change, the dwindling species, the extreme weather patterns. You may even be aware that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has said we have only about 8 years to make a big turn-around in our practices and behaviors – before catastrophic change is likely to occur, and feedback loops are set in motion. 


And yet, you may feel uncertain about what you can do to bring your community, the larger planet, and maybe even yourself to health and wellbeing. You may feel unsure about “where to start.”


Others of us live in a kind of “trance,” going on with “business-as-usual.” We tell ourselves we want to be “part of the solution” and then, once again, we find ourselves caught up in all the things that need to get done. Work, feeding our families, making sure our children or grandchildren are on the right path towards success and happiness. Finding adequate healthcare, or food, or shelter. Just keeping our heads above water.  


Or perhaps you see marches, rallies, protests on the news, and you are curious about “activism.” But you just aren’t sure how to get involved, where to start. Or you aren’t sure it is safe, or that it even makes a difference.  


You are not alone. Many of us feel that we are ”just one tiny person,” a tiny drop in an ocean of issues. You may feel cynical, and that it is just “too late.” Or you may believe these Big Problems require Big Solutions – at the level of corporations, governments, or even inter-governmental bodies.  And they do, to some extent.  

But there are things each of us can do, simple things, from which momentum will build.  We each have gifts and our own roles to play in bringing about a more just and vibrant world. Moving on with “business-as-usual” is not only bad for our planet.  It’s bad for our physical health, our mental health, and the health of our communities.   


Join us for one of more in this series of workshops. These gatherings will introduce you to some of the ways you can make a difference -- maybe even a big difference – in moving us towards climate justice, health, and regeneration. 


Some of the topics include: 

“why compost?”  “What can I do to reduce our reliance on plasics?”  “Signing petitions -- Really?” “Junk fashion – What’s the story with that?" “Biochar? Hmmm. Never heard of that!” “Environmental Racism” and “Environmental Justice” – what do those terms even mean and what relationship do they have to the Capital District?"


What Happens in these Workshops: 

In some sessions, we will explore how everyone can compost, no matter where you live, with a hands-on-lesson; in others, we will journal briefly, then talk about the phenomena of "Eco-Anxiety."  In other sessions, we’ll discuss the history of the Environmental Justice Movement, or consider what legislative issues are at stake, or consider bio-mimicry.   


We will talk about “food justice,” “food deserts,” “mindfulness-based eating,” and the “factory farming industry.” And then, we’ll move on to do some sampling of ethnic favorites re-fashioned for a plant-based approach to eating.  Each session is designed to engage you, to open up your senses, to allow us to learn from and share with one another.

Future Offering:

Healthy You; Healthy Earth - Gently Moving Towards a Plant-Based Diet*
(Please get in touch if this is a workshop that appeals to you; we will try to offer it as soon as possible.)

*  Research Suggests that a large portion of Greenhouse Gas Emissions comes from the Meat and Dairy Industries -- with some studies finding that a whopping 60% of Greenhouse Gas Emissions comes from this sector -- Globally.  It also contributes to    deforestation and  habitat loss.

Price:  $20 per person 

           $50 - 3 Sessions

           $100 - 6 Sessions - Plus you receive a bonus packages.           

For those who want a longer-term plan, individual coaching, and/ or more sustained coaching, we offer 8 weeks of sessions for $200 (in person or via zoom) plus email & texting contact & support.  

Location:  Zoom Meeting Space, and other pop-up venues. Please see our Calendar or Facebook Page for details. 


With gentleness and compassion for all, these workshops help you navigate through a series of issues related to food systems and choices, community health and ways we can create Sustainable Ecosystems.  Briefly considering where we are today in terms of factory farms, Big Ag, food deserts and inequitable farming and food practices, these workshops explore ways we can promote health and well-being for individuals, communities, farmworkers, those who work in the food industry, as well as the animals who are exploited by our systems of Industrial Farming.


Together, we explore what it will take to move our country towards regenerative systems. You will gain skills, insight, tools and facts as we delve (without judgment) into ways we can adopt healthy, sustainable patterns of eating and living. 


It can be challenging to alter long-established practices, particularly when faced with a culture that embraces (for the most part) unhealthy, addictive and unsustainable eating and consumption patterns. Bringing mindfulness to how one shops, prepares and eats can make a huge difference in bringing us to health – at the individual, community and global levels. 


We will also explore bringing mindfulness to our consumption habits. You will discover that once you quiet your mind and start to pay more attention to your food and where it came from, you will find your relationship to food has shifted – and for the better. 


This Series involves Vegan Cooking Demonstrations & taste tests. Community Members and Participants are invited to share ethnic and cultural favorites with the group, as we seek to re-fashion dishes to plant-based ingredients.

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