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The Refugee Women's
Sewing Collective


Increasingly, more and more Climate Refugees find themselves driven from their homelands due to disasters and instability caused by Climate Crisis and Global Depletion.  Rising sea levels, mudslides, flooding, forest fires, uninhabitable heat, water shortages, ever more destructive storms, habitat loss, desertification and the destruction of forests, oceans and diverse ecosystems leave people desperate and afraid. Species exquisitely evolved for every ecosystem are falling into extinction, never to roam this Earth again.  All is exacerbated by stress and violence over dwindling resource. In the midst of such devastation, we in the Global North can help ease the burden on those most impacted.

Indeed, we have an obligation to do so, as we are the ones who have benefitted and continue to benefit from years of industrial and extractive activities that threaten the health of our beautiful planet Earth.   

When you purchase sewn items from the hEarth Shop, you directly participate in helping to bring Refugee Women creative, empowering work, work that helps them to deal with the challenges and sadness over leaving their homelands, and losing connections with friends, family and the culture  back home. 


The Refugee Women's Sewing Collective, currently composed of women from Afghanistan, sews re-use bags, boppie covers, children's clothing and other sustainability items for the hEarth Shop. Using donated and re-use fabric and materials, we seek to empower refugee women, helping them to gain sewing, literacy and soft-skills, while helping bring resilience and offering a fair wage for sewing items. 

Thus, we strive to bring attention to the plight of Climate Refugees and the ways in which we, in the Global North, have a responsibility to do all we can to help mitigate the devastating instability faced by many, situations exacerbated by Climate Crisis, Global Depletion and our failure, collectively, to take meaningful action.  

Please go to our Site on ETSY to purchase items sewn by our Refugee Women's Sewing Collective -- Regenerating hEarth.

5.2 hEarth Breastfeeding Packages with Large Bag - Copy - Copy - Copy.HEIC
13.3. Girl's Brownies& Milk Top (1).HEIC
3.3. hEarth Totes Medium _ Large - Copy.HEIC
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