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Board of Directors

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Maia Boswell-Penc

Executive Director


Jennifer Moore Scott


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Maryam Eshraghi Evari

President of the Board

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Brianna Brown


Najla Danish

Sewing Coordinator 



At the hEarth we’re all about weaving Earth into the fabric of our lives, placing the health of our Earth and all her creatures at the center of our seeing, our policies, our practices and our dreams. 


We inspire you to weave Earth into your life.


Witnessing the sacredness and wonder of our Earth and all her diverse species, we promote joining with others to create Regenerative Communities.


We offer opportunities for you to go into Nature and to bring Nature indoors with you - because savoring our earth is where it all begins.


At the hEarth, we believe it’s all about coming into Presence, engaging in transformative conversations and experiences, and working together with joy to stir up a critical mass.


We educate you and connect you with others.


Engaging in small, everyday acts of Earth Care is important in itself. It brings us to live our lives with intention.  Doing so also builds momentum, bolstering us to do more.  


We support you with tools, ideas, workshops & events.


Recognizing our interdependence is key to sidestepping a fall into crisis, collapse, suffering and despair.  Highlighting our interdependence brings us together to create health, justice and lives filled with abundance and fulfillment.


We help you engage with your interdependence with all things.  

Raising awareness of Climate Crisis, Global Depletion, Environmental (In)Justice, and the plight of Climate Refugees, we offer education, support, community and engagement through transformational conversations, experiences and tools.


We aim to join with others in generating a critical mass of conscious, loving commitment to transforming human systems, structures and relationships.  Our vision – placing Earth Care and our complete Interconnectedness with all things front-and-center.



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