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 hEarth Events

Each event, gathering and workshop is designed to help us create Regenerative Communities. Such communities work together to heal and bring balance, resilience, connection, and well-being – to our Earth, our communities and ourselves. They remind us that we are all interconnected and that we inhabit sacred ground. 
Generosity Policy

We invite all to participate, regardless of your ability to pay. Please fill out a brief application for a scholarship, or speak to us in person, if you would like to participate but cannot afford the asking price.   
Who Should Attend Our Workshops?  
Anyone from children, to young adults, to the “young-at-heart”; from high school students looking to volunteer, to college students wanting to dig into some hands-on experiences, to adults and retirees, we have something for you.

Forest Bathing Forays

Price:  $10 (Includes Materials)

Location:  Pop-Up Locations.  Please see our Calendar or Facebook page for times and locations. 

Description of Event:

The Japanese invented the term “forest bathing” to describe the activity of immersing oneself in Nature, and allowing the experience to relax us, ground us and bring clarity and a sense of well-being.  Much research has demonstrated the positive effects on our minds and bodies of being in Nature – or even of looking at pictures of Nature or having Nature objects around us. 


Join us for a session of forest bathing, tree hugging and a ritual marking our dedication to the health and well-being of Planet Earth. After gathering to explore some benefits of basking with intention and some techniques for doing so, we’ll move on to experience the practice of immersing ourselves in the outdoors. We’ll allow all of our senses to be open and awake. Perhaps you’ll feel the soft breeze gently caressing your arms, smell the pungent odor of firs, feel the soil between your fingers and toes, or tune in to the warbling of songbirds. 

Re-Wear Cafes

Price:  $5 - With at least 2 items to contribute

           $10 - With no items to contribute

Location:  Pop-Up Locations.  Please see our Calendaer or Facebook page for times and locations. 

Description of Event:

All items must be on hangers, with the size written on a note-card sized piece of paper and affixed to the left-hand side of the garment. (We have a few hangers, if needed.) Please remember to bring a bag! Each participant can select up to 4 items to take home!)  
In the U.S. we throw “away” huge amounts of clothing, bedding and other textile “waste” -- 17 million tons in 2018 -- with the amount growing each year. We recycle only about 15% of textiles, while about 65% goes into landfills 
(wasting precious resources and creating methane, which is 84 % more potent in warming Earth’s climate than Carbon Dioxide). While the rest is combusted for fuel, huge amounts of energy go into creating and shipping textiles. 
In order to keep useful materials out of landfills, and to offer you a fun, inexpensive & creative way to refresh your wardrobe, we offer Re-Wear Cafes. Bring your unwanted items; browse our racks for fun finds, and participate in keeping textiles out of landfills. We accept clothing, bags, accessories, shoes & hats).  

Sorting Gatherings

Price:  Free; Each volunteer is invited to select an item from the donation pile. 

Location: Pop-Up Locations.  Please see our Calendar or Facebook page for times and locations. 

Description of Event:

(Each participant gets to select two items as “payment” for their time.)


Periodically, we hold gatherings to sort through donated items of clothing, fabrics, yarn, art supplies and other items. Join us for a sorting gathering, setting your intention to appreciate the colors, textures and creativity of those whose work blended to bring us these items. This is a great way to connect with others, keep items out of the landfills, and build community.  

Create & Sip Nature Art Gatherings

Price:  $12 - Plus a small fee for any materials; you can purchase tea or kombucha onsite, or bring your own adult beverages. 

Location: Pop-Up Locations.  Please see our Calendar or Facebook page for times and locations. 

Description of Event:

In these Nature Art Gatherings, you can bring (a) friend(s), meet (a) friend(s) or make some new friends as we get together to create, bringing the outdoors inside to inspire and sustain us. Choose from a wide variety of Nature Objects and Supplies; look around at some of our creations; or follow along with a guide as we celebrate our beautiful Natural world. A great option for celebrating a birthday, mother’s day, earth day, or any other day with a group of friends!


Much research has shown that going out into Nature, looking at pictures of Nature, listening to Nature sounds and having nature objects around us brings health and well-being. Join us to create an object that you can set on your desk, on your hearth, or on your kitchen counter to bring you the joy and solace of Nature.  And to remind you to refrain from purchasing new things.  Your piece will remind you to get outdoors – in all weather – and to place Earth Care front-and center! 

Regeneration Story Slams

Price:  $10; light refreshments will be provided.  More robust fare is available for purchase.  Please feel free to bring your our own adult beverage and a re-usable cup.

 Location: Pop-Up Locations.  Please see our Calendar or Facebook page for times and locations. 

Description of Event:

Story-telling is among the most ancient of human experiences. Common to all places and cultures, stories stir our imaginations, touch our hearts, and make us laugh, cry or think more deeply about what we're doing here on this Earth.  


Many of us have stories about that first time we felt in awe of Nature, or about the first time we realized that “Nature” is “where we live.” You may have a story about an experience of “environmental racism” or “environmental justice,” an awakening to how our culture is speciesist, or a memorable activism experience. The possibilities are limitless.    


Join us for a story slam in which you put your name in a basket and may be called to tell a story.  Or perhaps you would just like to sit and listen.  Gather around the hEarth and tell, or listen!  

Stories of Climate Refugees:  An Installation , Presentation, & Conversation

Price:  $15 Suggested Donation

Description of Event:

Originally developed for “Climates of Inequality: Stories of Environmental Justice,” we offer this installation about climate refugees and the plight of those whose lives are being impacted by this climate emergency.   
Various "Stations" tell the stories of various peoples, places and stages of the journeys of refugees and the people who seek to help them settle into new lands.  
Stations include: 
•    Climate Disaster is Upon Us  
•    Life in a Refugee Camp 
•    Stories of Climate Refugees: the Power of Narrative 
•    Nature as Solace, healer, place-of-refuge.   
•    Freedom, Literacy & Fulfillment through Sewing.  
•    A Conversation 
•    Drumming -- Bring your drums & join us to drum in Climate Justice for All. 

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