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Breastfeeding Connection & Support Group

Price:  $5 Suggested Donation          

Location: Please see our Calendar or Facebook Page for details and location.  

Description of Event:

At the hEarth we support sustainable eating throughout the stages of human life.  Formula-production requires a vast amount of resources, including land, water, paper, plastic and fossil fuels for grazing, growing feed-grains or soy, transportation, packaging, advertising, and the array of freebies offered to new parents to get them hooked on products. 


Breastfeeding is hands-down healthier for baby, mother and for Planet Earth. But while rates and duration of  breastfeeding are growing, it can feel lonely and isolating to be a nursing mom. Or you may have questions and want some hands-on instruction or advice. Or perhaps you are looking for other new mothers with whom to connect. 


Gather with other parents for support, connection, community and to share ideas about issues, including: how to manage a return to the workplace while breastfeeding, how to approach problems that may arise with breastfeeding and how to address comments from those who judge us or fail to support exclusive and extended breastfeeding. 


You can also borrow or purchase (re-used) breastfeeding pillows (boppies) and boppie covers sewn by our Refugee and Women’s Sewing Collective. Or browse our Shop for re-used and re-fashioned hands-free breast pumping bras, chilfren's clothing, and other items.  Please see our ETSY Site for more details. 

Creative Earth - Play for Children

Price:  Free 

Location: Please see our Calendar or Facebook Page for details and location.  

Description of Event:

Currently, we have a small space for children with a library, costumes and puppets.


At this point, we do not yet have the capacity to have someone on hand to oversee children. We are hoping, in the near future, to do so.  Please let us know via email, through our website, or in person, if this is something you are interested in.  We would love to hear from you! 


Activism Partnering List & Gatherings

Price:  Free - Donations gladly accepted         

Description of Event:

Many of us may want to do more to promote environmentally friendly policies, or to voice our concerns about current policies and practices. But we may not feel comfortable attending marches, rallies or lobbying efforts on our own, may not know how to find such events or information on our own, or may want to know about a “clearing house” location to find eco-friendly information.  
With our Activism Partnering List & Gatherings we offer you opportunities to find an activism partner to hold you accountable, or to remind you of events. Simply fill out a brief questionnaire that will be added to a list so that you can reach out to others with similar interests and availability.     
Periodically, we will have guest speakers come and share information about how to get involved, what the options are, the degree to which such efforts have been found to make a difference, etc.  

We Offer the Following at all Activities

  • Fruit-infused water

  • Tea, coffee, kombucha, Vegan snacks (for purchase) 

  • Information & Literature

  • Opportunities to browse our shop, connect with others over a tea and a yummy, healthy cookie, or appreciate some moments to get calm, collect your thoughts, and revive your spirit. 

  • Community, hope & connection.  

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