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Problems we're working to raise awareness of, to address,
or to help
mitigate at this existential moment. 


Climate Crisis, Global Depletion & the Loss of Biodiversity

Earth’s Ecosystems show signs of ill health and collapse. Species are going extinct at rates far exceeding the background rate. Human populations are desperate and vulnerable.

Climate Refugees

Now, and for a long time -- even after we stop activities driving climate crisis -- unthinkable numbers of people are and will continue to be subject to loss of home, family, friends, livelihood, health, and life due to the intensifying of storms, sea level rise, drought, forest fires, mudslides and increasing violence as stress over dwindling land and resources intensifies.   

Environmental In-Justice

Our habits, practices, policies and systems mean that our black, brown, indigenous and under-privileged brothers and sisters – including those in the Global South – face negative and debilitating consequences first – without having reaped the benefits of our extractive and colonizing practices.

Widespread Pandemic Distress and Isolation  Individuals and communities face economic hardship and emotional challenges.  People feel cut off from one another and embattled against the “other side.” A “scarcity  mentality” breeds fear and mistrust. Anger and violence flare up in our communities and globally. The Path of mutual respect in the midst of differences seems more and more distant.

Uncertainty and Moving on with “Business-as-Usual” Many of us feel uncertain about what we can do to bring our communities and our world to health and well-being. Others of us live in a kind of “trance,” going on with “business-as-usual.” We are all more or less complicit in this scaffolding built upon the assumptions of endless growth.

But we can also each choose to join with others in creating communities built upon principles of mutual respect, conservation, re-use, regeneration, and eating and purchasing locally and regionally. And eating lower on the food chain. We can show you how. 

In the face of Climate Emergency, global depletion and the fallout of centuries of white supremacist, human-centric, colonizing and extractive approaches, the hEarth serves as a seedbed for regenerative community. Educating about small actions we can take, that lead to larger actions, the hEarth is all about placing the health of Planet Earth and All her Creatures front-and-center. We seek to join with others in telling a new story of connection and hope.


The hEarth is a Non-Profit Eco-Education and Sustainability Center focused on bringing us to nurturing, regenerative, Earth-centric and justice-oriented practices, habits and experiences.  


We offer purpose and renewed spirit though workshops, events, and our hEarth Shop.  There you can browse our sustainability tools, Nature-inspired products, and textiles sewn by Afghani women participating in our Refugee Women's Sewing Collective.*




At the hEarth we’re all about weaving Earth into the fabric of our lives, placing the health of our Earth and all her creatures at the center of our seeing, our policies, our practices and our dreams. 


We inspire you to place Earth-care front-and-center.


Witnessing the sacredness and wonder of our Earth and all her diverse species, we promote joining with others to promote Regenerative Communities, biodiversity, and a sense of the interdependence of all things.

We help you connect you with Community.

We believe savoring our Earth, exploring the natural world, is where it all begins. 

We offer opportunities for you to go out into Nature and bring Nature indoors with you.

Recognizing the plight of Climate Refugees, we have teamed up with a group of Aghan Women Refugees -- the Refugee Women's Sewing Collective -- to bring you sustainability items, as well as Earth-romping clothing for children -- much of it made from recycled and donated materials. 

We invite you to purchase our items, take our workshops, support us financially, or volunteer with us.  We offer opportunities for you to empower refugee women.


At the hEarth, we believe it’s all about coming into Presence, engaging in transformative conversations and experiences, and coming together with joy to stir up a critical mass


We connect you with like-minded others , those just beginning their journeys and those who have been advocates for years.


Engaging in small, everyday acts of Earth Care is important in itself. It brings us to live our lives with intention.  Doing so also builds momentum, bolstering us to do more.  


We support you with tools, ideas, workshops & events. 



Raising awareness of Climate Crisis, Global Depletion, Environmental (In)Justice, and the plight of Climate Refugees, we offer education, support, community and engagement through transformational conversations, experiences and tools.


We aim to join with others in generating a critical mass of conscious, loving commitment to transforming human systems, structures and relationships.  Our vision is to place Earth Care and our complete Interconnectedness with all things front-and-center.



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