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This set of 2 Laundry Balls by Lovfri, keeps vast amounts of plastic out of circulation.  Rather than using laundry detergent, just keep these balls in your washing machine, and let the friction of the wooden balls inside the encasing do the work of washing your clothing and textiles.  Keep stain treatment handy for any stained garments.  


The average household in the US does around 400 loads per year, and the US produces more than one billion jugs of laundry detergent each year, with most failing to wash out the jugs and recycle them -- if there even is a market for recycling in their area. 


Large load machines require 2 balls; smaller machines take one ball.  Every few months, you can place your washing balls in the sun for a few hours to revive them.   

Single Laundry Ball -- that can be re-used for 3 yrs.

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