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Our Everyday hEarth Package is all you need to start your day, prepared to be the most eco-conscious you can be as you move through your day.  Our On-the-Go Accross-Body Sling forms the backbone of this package, an essential toolkits for sustainable living.  Ours come with a stainless steel hot-and-cold cup and a stainless steel straw; but it also holds a waterbottle, if that is your preference.  The sling that comes in the Everyday hEarth Package is the chico bag; other Across-the-Body slings are available a la carte. 


Additional items in your Everyday hEarth Package include: a stainless steel spork (so you never have to use another set of plastic utensils again) ; a lightweight, re-usable and collapsible shopping bag (so you never have to use another single-use plastic bag again); and a handkerchief sewn by our Afghan Women's Sewing Collective (so you never have to resort to all those tissues that pile up in our landfills).


The final tool in your Everyday hEarth Package is a roll of biodegradable bags; these are perfect for brining home leftovers, or brining home any organic matter (apple cores, banana peels, food waste) that you have collected during the day.  OK, actually, these are dog waste bags -- but don't tell!  They are perfect for keeping us from using all those plastic tubs, foil dishes, styrofoam bowls and other single-use take-out containers. 


By bringing home your leftovers -- or even the leftovers on the whole table, if you've been out with friends -- you participate in keeping organic matter out of our landfills.  This is good, since our landfills are anaerobic, meaning, they are lined and do not get air.  Thus, all those vegetable peels, eggshells, wilted salad or "biodegradable plates" you put in your trash are not biodegrading, as they would be if they were composted!  Instead, that organic matter forms methane, a greenhouse gas 86 times more potent at warming our planet than fossil fuels.  


But when we compost ALL of our organic matter -- even the spread left on your table at a restaurant -- we play a small role, which builds up over time.  Also, if we talk about what we're up to, with friends, the waitress, innocent by-standers, we bring more folks along in our quest to regenerate our soils, making them rich, abundant, and able to draw down more and more carbon into Planet Earth. 

Everyday hEarth Package

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