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A Center for  Eco-Education & Sustainable  Communities

What the hEarth is About

Founder & Executive Director of the hEarth, Maia Boswell-Penc discusses some of the  concepts behind the Non-Profit.

Going Out into Nature & Bringing Nature Indoors with Us

This video introduces our belief that forest bathing, meditation, mindfulness, working with soil, plants and compost,engaging in creative pursuits, connecting with others, and embracing the exquisite beauty of nature are important pathways to creating Regenerative Communities. 


Knowing that these and other de-growth activities provide respite and build energy for staying present, we offer events and workshops to help us realize our interconnectedness with our living, breathing, miraculous Planet Earth.    

Building Momentum Now

This video suggests how everyday sustainability, engagement and connecting activities build up over time, and give us momentum to accomplish larger, system-wide changes that support us as we "Weave Earth into the fibers of our Lives."


hEarth’s Mission is to raise awareness of climate crisis, environmental racism, global depletion and the plight of climate refugees, to educate, inspire and connect people in creating vibrant, just and sustainable communities. And to empower refugee women with the tools they need to thrive and support their families.



Working to empower climate refugee women with the tools they need to sustain their families, we established the Refugee Women's Sewing Collective, who, along with other artisans, create hand-made sustainability items and Earth-romping clothing for children - primarily made from recycled and donated materials.


Be Educated

Be Fulfilled

Be Part of the Solution

Be in Natue

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Connect With Us

Connect with and support The hEarth by participating in our events & workshops. Or you can purchase from The hEarth Shop.

Get to Know Us

Learn more about our purpose, goals, and our Vision. 


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